First Book I Purchased on WW1 Aviation

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As we self isolate, due to the virus pandemic, the task becomes how to fill our time. I have started to re-read some of the books in my library. The one I am reading now was the first book I ever bought on WW1 flyers. I purchased Quentin Reynolds' They Fought for the Sky in 1964 for $0.50 and still have the book (see photo above).

Reynolds describes the development of aviation from 1914 to 1918 and tells the reader about some of the aces of the war like Boelke, Ball and Richthofen, among others. This book sparked my passion for WW1 aviation that continues to this day. From that time I wanted to get a hold of as many books on World War One and World War Two aviation that I could.

So when you are thinking of what to do in isolation, this physical distancing gives us a time to reflect on the books we have read and affords us time to pick up a favourite book, regardless of the genre, and re-read it. Maybe it will bring back fond memories or reassert your values, passions or life lessons. Happy reading and stay safe.